The Consortium is responsible for partecipating in tenders, through the individuation of the consortium company that has made an explicit request for parti- cipation, without any limitation. The Consortium will prepare the requests for participation, the qualifica- tion documentation, the insurance policies, as well as the documentation that will have to prepare the participating consortium company.

The consortium companies that identify those specific tender to participate, and for which the Consortium is invested, will provide and preparate all preliminary documentation (such as viewing, developing and processing the lowest bidder wins, processing technical proposals, etc. .).



The consortium and its members owns a management software, created just for the management of tenders and for the requirements of the consortium and its members. In particular, through the software, each member, will be able to view the specific requirements of the consortium in real time, to reserve a competition to which they want to participate and to download the material to demonstrate possession of the tender requirements


HUB Engineering services are aimed to public works, with particular attention for infrastructures and major works. Therefore the consortium will be able to ensure the following services:

  • Integrated design, including for join contract awards.
  • Safety management, pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 81/08
  • Work supervision, high surveillance and testing
  • Topography services and numerical cartography
  • Geology specialized and ante and post-operative monitoring services
  • Project Management, according to the PMI best practice, with specialized skills and certified personnel.