STCV srl is an Engineering Company established in 1983 to become part of the advanced tertiary sector. It operates in the civil engineering sector, both in Italy and abroad, with particular reference to hydraulics, transport and construction. STCV srl has drawn up designs for motorways, viaducts and tunnels. In the field of water treatment has developed designs and works directions for complex networks of sewers, purification plants, thanks for the reduction of flow rates, dams, areas with controlled expansion for the accumulation of sludge in debris flow phenomena, irrigation systems with lifting and gravity, hydroelectric plants. In the last decade, STCV srl has particularly developed the issues of large port infrastructures and of prestigious and commercial residential buildings.


  • Construction
  • Infrastructures for hydraulic mobility
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Landscape, environment, naturalization, agri-food,
  • livestock, rural areas, forests
  • Territory and urban planning


  • Planning and scheduling

Land surveys and checks, geo-environmental analyzes of resources and risks, geology studies applied to general urban, environmental and soil defense plans; Forest, landscape, naturalistic and environmental planning;

  • Preparatory activities for planning

Feasibility studies; Estimates and evaluations; Surveys, studies and analysis; Economic plans.

  • Preliminary, definitive, executive design.
  • Direction of works

Execution of works (work management, coordination, variants, accounting and certificates); Verifications and tests (all expected performances); Monitoring (all expected performances;


The company INTERPRO Engineering Consultants s.r.l. was established in 2003 by a group of professionals who had established professional collaboration relationships. The decision to set up a limited liability company was carried out according to the basis of the current legislation on professional activities, in order to rationalize group work through an organized structure both from the point of view of the production of the work, both in the formal aspect of external relations, as well as from the point of view of financial and administrative planning.