INTERPRO SRL is active in the fields of design, urban planning and the territory, civil planning, consultancy, works management and services for the civil, industrial, road and hydraulic construction sectors, as well as in the management of integrated building and construction processes as assembly of various specializations to rationalize the construction process. INTERPRO operates in the above-mentioned sectors in compliance with the laws in force either by taking on assignments directly, or as a professional executor on behalf of other persons in charge. If the need arises to make use of highly specialized consultancies or to use particular analysis tools, INTERPRO srl is able, on its own, to make use of the most suitable products offered on the market.


  • Urban planning
  • Infrastructure
  • Architecture
  • Structures
  • Installations
  • Safety at construction sites
  • State work calculations and accounting


The company INTERPRO Engineering Consultants s.r.l. was established in 2003 by a group of professionals who had established professional collaboration relationships. The decision to set up a limited liability company was carried out according to the basis of the current legislation on professional activities, in order to rationalize group work through an organized structure both from the point of view of the production of the work, both in the formal aspect of external relations, as well as from the point of view of financial and administrative planning.


  • Architectural design
  • Infrastructure design
  • Structural Design
  • Plant design
  • Construction supervision
  • Safety coordination during execution