Prof. Arch. Ruggero Martines, former Regional Director for the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Assessor for the Historic Center of the city of Tivoli with specific skills in:

Design, Works Management, Testing, Process Responsibility. On topics of: Architectural, Archaeological, Artistic and Monumental Restoration, New Construction of public buildings for offices, entertainment and museum activities, Museography / Museotecnica, Preparation, Landscaping, Parks and Gardens. (Legal Representative, Technical Director)


Arch. Augusta Cyrillo Gomes,

Specialist in Architectural Restoration at the Specialization School of Rome "La Sapienza" with specific skills in:

Design, Works Management, Testing. On topics of: Architectural, Archaeological, Artistic and Monumental Restoration, New Construction, Staging, Artistic Works. (Technical director)


Arch. Giacomo Martines,

PhD in Environmental Design, University Researcher in Architectural Restoration with specific skills in:

Scientific research and design support activities on topics of: Architectural and Monumental Restoration, Tourist and Hotel Accommodations, Landscape and Naturalistic Engineering, Parks and Gardens, Multimedia Services for BB. CC.


The company was founded by combining the professional experience conducted inside the organs of protection of the architectural heritage gained by Prof. Arch. Ruggero Martines after the professional experience conducted on some of the most important construction sites in Italy in the 1990s and 2000s. Arch. Augusta Cyrillo Gomes, and the scientific experience of Prof. Arch. Giacomo Martines (scientific consultant). From birth to today, the company has been involved into the design and management of works specializing in Architectural Restoration in all its methodological and disciplinary declinations.


  • Execution of feasibility studies, cost benefit analysis, research, consultancy, design (preliminary, definitive, executive of public and private works, Italian or foreign, related to buildings of any kind or structure.
  • Studies and designs of industry building (new realizations and historical and / or monumental, artistic and archaeological building) and the territory, also for the restoration, conservation and recovery of the architectural, monumental, archaeological and building heritage in general .
  • Services related to architecture and engineering, including urban planning and landscaping, scientific and technical advice; technical testing and analysis services; surveys, tests and static and dynamic calculations of civil, mechanical and industrial structures.
  • Project Financing with studies and related consultancy.
  • Static and administrative technical tests
  • Drafting of safety and coordination plans, Energy assessments and certifications of buildings, acoustic impact assessments.
  • Technical and graphic processing services to support design and construction management.
  • Artistic activities in general, and in particular, production, teaching and dissemination, including through the commercialization of works of artistic creation, and related activities and preparatory.
  • Direct and indirect surveys and analysis (including through specialized survey tools such as stereophotogrammetry, endoscopes, thermography, tomography, sonic surveys or other) topographic, architectural and detail surveys and their bi-three-dimensional restitution, using the most suitable techniques, and works and preliminary preparatory activities for the knowledge of the building or of the existing and / or historical building (or the site in general); reconnaissance, scheduling.
  • Archival and bibliographical research in the field of building and construction, urban structure and art objects.
  • Drafting and realization of informative and scientific material of the activities carried out by the company or on behalf of third parties;